Watch how we built a Backyard Bar for our very first client, and how Frise Design + Build all began...


our mission is to create one-of-a-kind backyard spaces, built to complement your lifestyle

Our goal is to truly understand our clients, the lives they lead, and what we can build to improve them. As the only GTA-based company specializing in custom backyard offices and studios; we want to create a backyard experience, crafted just for you.


we're excited to meet you!


Charlie Frise

Growing up in a world of home renovations and building projects, Charlie has loved creating things from an early age. Through studying Architectural Engineering at the University of Waterloo and Frise D+B's various projects, he's been able to further his understanding of building science and design.

Finish carpenter

Rick Frise

A true handyman with over 30 years of residential construction experience, Rick has shared his knowledge and appreciation of craftmanship to the team. One could say he's been training Charlie for over 2 decades.

web developer

Maria Stakheiko

With a passion for buildings and engineering concepts, choosing to study Architectural Engineering was an easy decision for Maria. Utilizing her experiences working on construction sites, in a civil engineering office, and researching building materials for the University of Waterloo; Maria is able to provide Frise D+B with industry insight and assist in day-to-day operations.

construction specialist

Kenzie Humby

He'll dig, he'll screw, he'll lift - you name it. Kenzie's worked alongside Charlie for every build, and is always there when an extra hand is needed. Just make sure he doesn't deadlift your car.

management consultant

Ben Creasy

Ever since their first project together - building a straw bridge in the third grade - Ben and Charlie have taken on many building projects throughout the years. As a Management Engineering student, Ben's speciality in optimizing systems help Frise D+B cultivate efficient building plans for every project they take on.

Happiness consultant

Calvin Frise

On rainy days when the team can't get on site to work, Calvin knows what to do - and he does it well.


how it all began

Frise Design + Build began in the summer of 2020, at the onset of the global pandemic. Charlie was working from home when he began to notice the effect that "online"-ificaition of education and work had on his family. His brothers, confined to doing course work from their laptops rather than in classrooms or lecture halls, were competing for space with their parents, who were also working from home. Muting microphones, lack of privacy, and coffee-fuelled pyjama-wearing work days became a norm at the Frise household.

With an education in Architectural Engineering and a passion for building, Charlie had an idea. There was no more space in the house to build another office, but they did have a fairly large backyard. With just an idea, a camera, and some tools - Charlie got to work. His goal was to build a space, only steps away from the back door, that somebody could step into and use as their own personal office. No more kitchen counter meetings or the sight of your bed inviting you to an impromptu afternoon nap. By filming the process of constructing a backyard office and posting videos on his Youtube channel, Charlie was able to get his first client, and the rest is history.